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Ensuring our Church building and grounds are safe and fit for use by all who use Cole Street is a huge task. We are very lucky to have dedicated people who make it their mission to ensure Cole Street is a safe, clean and aesthetically pleasing place to be whether you are coming to worship or to use the facilities for meetings or groups.

The last Saturday of each month hosts our 'Working Party' starting at 10am. This is when we get together and undertake improvement projects, tidying or general maintenance. More recently, small teams have been meeting on other Saturdays in order to speed up improvement works. 

During COVID, this group has become vital in ensuring the premises is clean and safe for worshippers to use on a Sunday morning.

If you would like to come down and help in the up-keep of our Church and find out when we are meeting, get in touch or check the calendar! 

Group Status: Open - check the calendar for dates.

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