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Meet the Team

Use the contact us page if you wish to send a message to one of the post holders below, or use the alternative contact information where provided.


Cole Street Methodist Church                                                                                   updated 22.10.23 ver 1.12

Cole Street, Netherton, Dudley, West Midlands, DY2 9PA

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Church Copyright Licence No: 260980 


Rev. David Alford                Tel: 01384 869010             Mobile: 07913 062176      

Church Stewards & *Associate Church Steward

Mr. G. Moss,  Mrs. G. Waters,  Mrs. W. Goodwin,  Mrs. H. Kiteley,  *Mr. D. Moss

Church Council Minutes Secretary

Mrs. G. Waters              

Church Treasurers

Mrs. E. Ralph,  Mrs. S. Holyoake                                                    

Property Secretary

Mr. D. Moss                   

Property & Finance Committee Stewards

Mrs. S. Holyoake,  Mrs. E. Ralph,  Mr. B. Drew,  Mr. G. Moss,  Mrs. W. Goodwin,  Mrs. S. Jewkes,  Mr. T. Jewkes,  Mr. G Faulkner,  Mrs. R. Faulkner,  Mrs. G. Waters,  Mr. P. Smith

Notices Secretary 

Mr. D. Moss                                                        

Order of Service / Church Rotas Secretary

Mrs. W. Goodwin                                                   

Door Stewards

Mr. T. Jewkes, Mr. M. Cotterill, Mrs. R. Faulkner

Mission Secretary & Treasurer

Mrs. W. Goodwin         

Pastoral Secretary

Mrs. J. Dunning             

Cole Street Safeguarding Officer

Ms Chelsie Priest

Communion Stewards

Mrs. H. Kiteley,  Ms. E. Lewis, Mrs. J. Sheppard                                                                        


Toddler Group Secretary

Mrs. S. Holyoake           

Holiday Club Secretary 

Mrs. S. Holyoake,  Mrs. W. Goodwin    

Sunday School Staff / Holiday Club Staff / Youth Leaders & Activators

Mrs. W. Goodwin,  Mrs. S. Holyoake,  Mrs. J. Dunning,  Mrs. E. Ralph,  Mr. D. Moss,  Mrs. R. Moss, Ms. Chelsie Priest

Health & Safety Advisors

Mr. D. Moss,  Mr. G. Moss                                                              

Audio/Visual Support

Mr. D. Moss,  Mr. P. Smith                                                        

Website (Webmaster) / Social Media 

Mr. D. Moss         

Estates & Cleaning Team

Mr. D. Moss,  Mr. T. Jewkes,  Mr. G. Moss,  Mr. B. Drew,  Mr. P. Smith,  Mr. G. Faulkner,  Mrs. R. Faulkner, Mrs. J. Dunning,  Mrs. H. Kiteley,  Mrs. J. Sheppard,  Mrs. S. Jewkes,  Mrs. G. Waters.

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